35mm – colour – running time: 100 min., Dolby SRD

A German-Swiss-Russian-Kazakh-Polish co-production between
Pallas Film (Halle), Pandora Film (Frankfurt), Cobra Film(Zurich),
Producer’s Company Slovo (Moscow), KAZ Export (Almaty),
Filmcontract (Warsaw)

in association with ZDF-Arte

supported by:
Mitteldeutsche Medienförderung
Medien und Filmgesellschaft Baden-Württemberg

Karl Baumgartner (producer), Raimond Goebel (producer),
Valerie Fischer (co-producer)


Big ears can be a real problem, especially when you are not Prince Charles. Bulat, our hero, never thought about it – unless he is going to marry…
After completing his naval service, young Asa travels back to the Kazakh steppe where his sister and her shepherd husband live a nomadic life. To start his new life, eager Asa must get married first before he can become a shepherd himself. Asa’s only hope for marriage on the deserted steppe is Tulpan, the daughter of another shepherd family. Poor Asa is disappointed to learn that Tulpan doesn’t like him because she thinks that his ears are too big. But Asa doesn’t give up and he continues to dream of a life that may not be possible on the steppe …

Actor / Actress: Role:
Balzhan Niyazbayeva Tulpan
Amangeldi Nurzhanbayev Tulpans Vater
Tazhyban Kalykulova Tulpans Mutter
Zhappas Dzhailaubaev Brigadeführer
Esentai Tulendiev Veterinar
Askhat Kuchinchirekov Bulat
Tulepbergen Baisakalov Boney M
Samal Eslyamova Samal
Ondasyn Besikbasov Ondas
Bereke Turganbayev Beke
Nurzhigit Zhapabayev Nuka
Mahabbat Turganbayeva Maha


Line Producer: Bohdan Graczyk

DOP: Jolanta Dylewska

Editor: Isabel Meier, Petar Markovic

Sound: Olivier Dandre

Costumes: Gaziza Korshiyeva

Filmfestival Cannes 2008
»Un Certain Regard« – Best Feature, »Prix de la jeunesse« »Prix de l‘education nationale«

Filmfestival Karlovy Vary 2008
»East Of The West« Award Netpac Award

Zurich International Filmfestival 2008
»Golden Eye« – Best Feature Film

Féstival du nouveau Cinéma, Montreal 2008
»Louve D’Dor« – Best Feature Film

Tokyo International Film Festival, Japan 2008
Tokyo Skura Grand Prix

Asia-Pacific Screen Award Australia 2008
Best Feature Film

IFFI International Film Festival of India 2008
Golden Peacock

Filmfestival Cottbus 2008
Best Director

British Film Institute Awards 2008
»Sutherland Trophy«

Dubai International Film Festival
»Muhr Award« for Askhat Kuchencherekov