Marieke, Marieke!

Marieke, Marieke!

Psycho-Drama, 35mm – colour – 85min
German release: 28.06.2012

A Belgian-German Co-Production between SOPHIMAGES and PALLAS FILM

supported by:
MDM – Mitteldeutsche Medienförderung, DFFF – German Federal Film Funds

German Distributer: Neue Visionen

Author: Sophie Schoukens

Director: Sophie Schoukens

Producers: Jan Roekens, Sophie Schoukens, Karl Baumgartner, Thanassis Karathanos


MARIEKE is 20. She’s living a double life: during the day, she works in a chocolate factory. At night she immerges in a secret world of eccentric love that she shares with much older men and more particularly with HARRY. Only in her sensual photographs of those affairs does she begin to explore her deepest fears. She lives with her mother JEANNE, an emotionally distant woman hardened by life.

The arrival in Brussels of JACOBY, an editor living in Berlin, disrupts this precarious balance.
Jacoby is searching for the last manuscript of Marieke’s father, a commercially unsuccessful writer whose work is only now becoming critically recognized. But Marieke’s mother denies the existence of any book, just as she has always concealed the truth of his suicide from her daughter.

Jacoby and Marieke are drawn together by a common quest. Their search reopens old wounds, awakening repressed memories and animating images of the father she lost too soon.

No longer willing to hide her emotions, Marieke reaches out for understanding. But he misinterprets her awkward attempts to love, refusing to be another of her older lovers, unaware that her feelings for him are genuine. The most important people in her life reject her. Her mother blocks the memory of her late husband and loses her grip on reality.

Humbled and rejected, with the truth of her father’s end laid bare and her dreams shattered, Marieke sabotages the luxury chocolate factory where she works then recklessly tempts death. Will life triumph over denial, lies and self-destruction? These are the questions to be answered as Marieke lies in a hospital bed.

Actor / Actress: Role:
Hande Kodja Marieke
Barbara Sarafian Jeanne
Jan Declair Jacoby
Caroline Berliner Anna
Philippe Van Kessel Harry
Bernard Graczyk Jean
Karim Barras Ronny
Michel Israel Alex
Pauline Haugness Marieke als Kind
Jean-Michel Vovk Joseph
Valérie Lemaître Kundin
Pierre Lognay Eric
Thomas Coumans Charles
Nicole Valberg Concierge


Author: Sophie Schoukens

Director: Sophie Schoukens

DOP: Alain Marcoen

Editor: Peter Woditsch

Art Director: Astrid Pöschke

Sound: Johannes Doberenz

Music: Jef Mercelis

Mixing: Manu de Boissieu


Prague IFF 2011

Haifa IFF 2011

Mexico City IFF 2011

Vilnius IFF 2011

Transilvanian IFF Cluj 2011

Cinematik IFF 2011

Flimmer Norkoping FF 2011

Du grain a demoudre 2011

San Sebastián IFF 2010

Raindance IFF London 2010

Paris Quinzaine du cinema 2010

Biberacher Filmfestspiele 2010

Virton EFF 2010

Oostende IFF 2010

Namur IFF 2010

Internationales Filmfestival Mannheim-Heidelberg 2010

Hof IFF 2010

BILD-KUNST Prize Art Direction/Costumes

Marrakech IFF 2010