In Between

In Between

Short / Fiction, Germany, 2016
HD – Color – Runtime: 10 min. – Dolby Digital

Production: Pallas Film GmbH

supported by: MDM – Mitteldeutsche Medienförderung

Script: Kathleen Kühn

Director: Kathleen Kühn

DoP: Conrad Lobst

Maja (9) already knows more than their parents suspect. Because the walls are thin in the old building. On the kitchen table, where else the family is planning the holliday-trips, the separation of the parents needs to be discussed. Fortunately Maja has her best friend and “expert of separation” Emily by her side. Together, they have not only grieved, but already looking for solutions!

Actress / Actor: Role:
Anna von Schrottenberg Anne
Matthias Walter
Luzie Kühn Maja
Marie Kühn

Script & Director: Kathlen Kühn

Producer: Martin Hampel

DoP: Conrad Lobst

Production coordination: Sabine Kaps

Sound: Frank Schubert

Production design: Maria Nickol

Costume: Sabrina Krämer

Editing: Sylvie Michel